Mile-X Equipment, Inc. stocks most of the 1 through 40 ton Posi Lock pullers in our Ohio location and we can usually ship within 24 hours. Posi Lock pullers are USA MADE and they actually make pullers for many other name brand manufacturers. Posi Lock offers a complete line of 2 and 3 jaw pullers (both manual and hydraulic). The manual pullers range from 1 to 40 ton capacity.

Posi Lock Pullers have a patented safety Cage that securely holds the pulling jaws in both the open or closed positions. This feature helps to prevent the puller from slipping off the work surface, which in return, substantially increases productivity as well as tool life and safety for the technician.

Manual Pullers:

Posi Lock has the best manual pullers on the market today for safety and quality.

Hydraulic Pullers:

Posi Lock created the hydraulic puller to make your job quick and easy. If you have a hard job, let our hydraulic line make it easier.