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Mile-X Equipment offers top brand industrial grade air compressors such as Champion, BendPak and Industrial Gold, EMax, Mi-T-M, BelAire, and Vanair. These air compressers are available in 1PH and 3PH models with your choice of voltage along with gasoline and diesel driven models. 

In the world of industrial equipment, the quality and reliability of air compressors can make all the difference in maintaining operational excellence. Mile-X Equipment, a trusted name in the industry, stands as a beacon for those seeking top-tier industrial-grade air compressors. With a commitment to excellence and a portfolio boasting leading brands such as Champion, BendPak, Industrial Gold, EMax, Mi-T-M, BelAire, and Vanair, Mile-X Equipment is the go-to destination for businesses and professionals in need of robust compressed air solutions.

1. Champion: Champion air compressors are synonymous with performance and durability. Known for their rugged construction and innovative technology, Champion compressors are the choice of industries demanding consistent and efficient air supply. Mile-X Equipment offers a range of Champion compressors tailored to various industrial applications.

2. BendPak: BendPak is a name recognized for its engineering prowess in automotive equipment, and their air compressors are no exception. These compressors offer the power and reliability needed in automotive shops, collision repair centers, and more. Mile-X Equipment brings BendPak's quality and performance to your doorstep.

3. Industrial Gold: Industrial Gold compressors are renowned for their robust design and exceptional performance in industrial settings. Whether it's powering heavy machinery or pneumatic tools, Industrial Gold compressors from Mile-X Equipment provide the muscle needed for uninterrupted operations.

4. EMax: EMax air compressors are celebrated for their efficiency and innovative features. Designed for energy savings and maximum output, EMax compressors cater to businesses looking to optimize their compressed air systems while reducing operational costs.

5. Mi-T-M: Mi-T-M air compressors offer versatility and reliability, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether it's construction, agriculture, or manufacturing, Mile-X Equipment's selection of Mi-T-M compressors ensures a dependable source of compressed air.

6. BelAire: BelAire is a trusted name in the compressed air industry, known for delivering powerful and dependable compressors. Mile-X Equipment's offerings from BelAire provide the performance and durability needed in demanding work environments.

7. Vanair: Vanair specializes in mobile power solutions, including air compressors. Their products are tailor-made for industries requiring compressed air on the move, such as construction and utilities. Mile-X Equipment's Vanair compressors provide portability without compromising performance.

Mile-X Equipment's commitment to offering a diverse range of industrial-grade air compressors from reputable brands ensures that businesses and professionals have access to the tools they need to elevate efficiency and performance. Whether it's maintaining a productive workshop, powering heavy machinery, or staying mobile in the field, Mile-X Equipment's selection of air compressors is a testament to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With Mile-X Equipment, you're not just buying equipment; you're investing in reliability, productivity, and peace of mind.

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