Champion LV Rotary Vane Series Compressors

Perfect for Residential Applications - Low Maintenance!

LV Series Standard Features:

  • Advanced Champion rotary vane airend with cast iron
  • TEFC electric motor (Duplex x2) rotor, vanes, and stator unit (Duplex x2)
  • 3ppm oil carry over
  • Direct drive
  • Low noise
  • Slow speed - 1760RPM
  • CS300 vane diester lubricant (factory filled)
  • High Temperature Safety Shutdown Protection
  • NEMA 1 Mounted Full Voltage Starter Panel (Duplex panel includes 2 starters plus alternator)


**Please specify voltage/phase with order**

  • All LV Series Champion vane units are horizontally oriented.
  • LV01PU-LV07PU (LV01, LV04, LV05, & LV07 Packaged Units) are airend and motor only (no starter).
  • LV01PUTS (LV01 Packaged Unit w/ Tripod & Starter) starters ship loose. All other Champion vane models include mounted starters.
  • LV04PUTAS (LV04 Packaged Unit w/ Tripod, Aftercooler, and Starter) includes aftercooler.
  • LV01PU, LV01 PUTS, LV04PU, & LV04 PUTAS are continuous run.
  • All HHSLVA and HHDLVA models are start/stop control, LV05 & LV07 also offer continuous run (selector switch on panel)