Two Jaw Pullers

Two Jaw Pullers Usually can ship from our Ohio location in 24 hours.  

The POSI LOCK™ line of quality manual gear and bearing pullers sets new standards for quickness, ease and convenience. With POSI LOCK™, it’s strictly a one-man operation. The T-handle and Cage® control the jaws at all times. This means that the opening, closing, locking and aligning of the jaws is all done automatically by simply turning the T-handle.


1. Rolled center bolt threads are designed for less effort when applying high torque.

2. Heat-treated tips.

3. T-handle locks jaws precisely where you set them.

4. Slim tapered jaws allow for better gripping and easier access in tight spots.

5. Safety Cage® guides jaws for fast set-up, solid contact and superior safety.

6. Nut recessed to avoid mushrooming and disfiguring from impact.

7. Leverage up front for positive grip, vise-like power and no slippage.

8. Tip protectors and optional bolt extenders create a live center to fit on the center bolt for additional protection and added reach.