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BendPak air compressors have a well-earned reputation for high performance and dependability. When you're concentrating on a project, you shouldn't have to worry about the temperature or moisture inside your air compressor; you just need a unit that works as hard as you do. Our highly efficient TRI-MAX line of air compressors are perfect air-pumping power-houses that feature rugged cast-iron construction, reliable belt-drive Baldor motors*, high-quality Manchester Tanks, true copper piping for cooler operation, pressure control and extra large pumps. We offer a variety of motor options for our TRI-MAX air compressors, such as one or three phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz and 5 horsepower or 7-1/2 horsepower.Haga click en este enlace para información en Español de Compresores de Aire.

But what about the moisture and air temperature? Air Compressors by BendPakBendPak TRI-MAX air compressors directly address this problem with larger pistons operating at lower speeds. Lower rotations per minute directly result in lower operating temperatures, but thanks to the larger piston size, you don't have to sacrifice any performance. With lower a temperature comes much less moisture, ensuring your TRI-MAX has a long and happy existence in your shop or garage. Whatever your high-pressure air needs might be, BendPak has exactly what you need.

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*Baldor motors only available on LS75 model compressors and above.