Crib Stands

Our cribbing is certified by 3rd party critics to meet the most stringent safety standards. Certificates of testing are included on each shipment, along with stacking configuration instructions. When lifting only with jacks, a load should then be lowered onto stands or cribbing in order to comply with OSHA regulation 29CFR1926.305.

The use of SuperStacker Cribbing (composite cribbing) in applications where wood and lumber were used represents a commitment to certified safety that will outlast traditional wood cribbing 50 to 1. As it does not deteriorate, rot, splinter or fade, SuperStacker Cribbing is the safest choice when servicing or cribbing heavy duty OTR equipment. If your application requires markings or colors for safety, AME SuperStacker Cribbing can accommodate. SuperStacker blocks are designed to provide superior crib stability compared to standard hardwood and softwood products. They will not fail catastrophically like wood cribbing. In addition, unlike wood products, SuperStacker Cribbing blocks do not splinter or absorb fluids. Convenient sizes help to quickly and safely build stable cribs to support loads.

SuperStacker Cribbing Blocks
  • Certified and Tested
  • Multiple sizes, shapes fit most applications
  • Interlocking or aggressive slip-resistant surface
  • Non-conducting plastic resists oil and most chemicals
  • Does not splinter, like wood
  • Carrying lanyards provided on all 6” x 7” and on 4” x 4” crib blocks
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Rated up to 298,000 lbs (135,000 kg), depending on configuration
  • Can be used with Lincoln log mating or pyramid mating
  • Sold separately or in kits See Below