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Power Team PB43 MH2P-1 60V Hydraulic Battery Pump

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Power Team PB43 MH2P-1 60V Hydraulic Battery Pump

Designed and Configured to Meet A Variety of Tough Applications. The Power Team PB43 Series Hydraulic Battery Powered Pump offers high flow, a long life 8ah 60v battery, and a wide range of valve configurations. The PB43 Series pumps meet a wide array of high-pressure applications where portability, speed and performance is required. Designed for substitution of electric, gas or air powered pumps with high flow capability. The Power Team PB43 Series Hydraulic Pump delivers the performance needed to improve productivity while keeping safety in mind.


  • Many valve configurations available
  • Robust protective cage with carrying handle for ease of transport
  • Powerful 60V motor with long runtime 8Ah battery
  • Easy access battery compartment with protective flip up lid.
  • Deep draw reservoir with O-ring Lip for leak-free operation
  • Inserts for fixturing or mounting optional full roll cage
  • Equipped with the industry leading Vanguard pump technology
  • 2-button (on/off and jog) pendant with on-board storage
  • 130 cycles on a RD106 cylinder to 10k PSI holding and retracting to 10k PSI and holding, providing 30 minutes of continuous run time on a single charge (1.5-hour charge time)

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