Nexiq Pro Link Pocket HD Software

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  • Nexiq 188080 Pocket HD

    NEXIQ 188080 Pocket HD Scan Tool

    Nexiq 188080 Pocket HD The new NEXIQ Pocket Heavy Duty handheld scan tool provides immediate access to critical diagnostic information. Pocket HD comes loaded with both Heavy Duty Standard (HDS) and Light and Medium Truck 2016 (LMT). The ability to run...
  • Nexiq 798021 Complete ABS Kit

    NEXIQ 798021 Complete ABS Kit

    Nexiq 798021 Complete ABS Kit Versatile and reliable, the Complete ABS Kit is the all-inclusive diagnostic brake tool that works with popular anti-lock brake systems (ABS), including Meritor WABCO, Bendix, Wabash, Haldex, and Eaton. The Pocket iQ...
  • Nexiq 918021 Complete ABS Kit

    Nexiq 918021 Complete ABS Suite

    Nexiq 918021 Complete ABS Suite The Pocket HD ABS Software Suite provides connectivity to tractors and trailers by means of the SAE J1587 communication protocol.Pocket HD sold separately. Suite Includes Bendix ABS Suite Meritor WABCO Suite Trailer...