Esco 12523 Top Cribbing Plate

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Esco 12523 Top Cribbing Plate

Experience the ultimate cribbing solution with the Esco cribbing system. Built to handle loads up to 100 Tons (200,000 lbs.), Esco cribbing outlasts wood and other composite cribbing alternatives, offering the longest lasting durability for indoor and outdoor use. Its lightweight, compact design with 21-inch length blocks ensures easy handling and storage, requiring only 2 blocks for a solid foundation compared to competitors' 3-4. Safety is paramount, with high-visibility colors and a patented secure inner-locking system, the Esco cribbing system is the only solution that not only inner-locks cribbing pieces but also top and bottom inner-locking safety stability plates. Designed to withstand all the elements the Esco cribbing system is waterproof; insect proof; rot-proof; and resistant to oil and other chemicals, making it any easy choice compared to conventionally used wood. Esco cribbing simplifies your cribbing needs, no application chart required, and easy to assemble in seconds with easy built-in handles. Upgrade to the Esco cribbing system for unbeatable longevity, stability, and reliability on any job site.


  • All in one simple and easy cribbing solution that provides a safe and stable foundation for any load up to 100 Tons (200,000 lbs.)
  • Designed as a solid support system with no voids between cribbing contact points, delivering a solid, safe and secure cribbing support system.
  • Outlasts wood and other composite cribbing alternatives. Will not get brittle over time or deteriorate.
  • Designed for outdoor/indoor usage.
  • 10% Lighter than competitive brands in the market.
  • 21 inch length blocks (18 inches surface area [324 sq. in.]) designed for a smaller footprint on job sites, in the shop, and on trucks while in storage.
  • High Visibility Color top and bottom plates to promote safety and better visual inspection.


  • Shipping weight | 20 lbs
  • Dimensions | 18" x 18" x 2"


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