BVA Cylinders | Aluminum vs. Steel,

BVA Cylinders | Aluminum vs. Steel,

4th Jan 2024

Aluminum vs. Steel BVA Cylinders

Aluminum cylinders provide a great alternative to the traditional steel cylinder in many applications.  Being up to 60% lighter in weight, Aluminum cylinders are highly portable and reduce user fatigue and strain.  However, due to the finite properties of Aluminum vs. Steel, these cylinders should NOT be using in high cycle applications.  The BVA Aluminum cylinders are designed for a maximum safety rating of 5,000 cycles.  Under normal lifting applications this should provide a long service life.


  • 60% Lighter in weight than steel
  • Highly portable and reduces user fatigue
  • Not used for high cycle applications
  • Under normal conditions, the maximum rated safety cycle life is 5,000 cycles
  • Base of the cylinder contains a steel plate*


  • Much heavier than aluminum cylinders
  • Low portability with heavier cylinders which creates user fatigue and strain
  • Will out-perform aluminum cylinders in high cycle applications
  • Can exceed aluminum cylinders maximum safety cycle life of 5,000 cycles

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* The base of the cylinders contain a steel plate with mounting holes that are designed to protect the cylinder from damage and should NOT be used in fixturing applications and ONLY be used to attach larger base mounting plates for lifting stability.  They are NOT designed to withstand the full rantings of the cylinders.

| Info above is an excerpt from the BVA Hydraulics Catalog |