OTC 4581 Slide Hammer Blind Hole Puller

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OTC 4581 Slide Hammer Blind Hole Puller

For pulling jobs requiring an internal pull, 

Set includes:

Four collets, which fit a wide range of applications.

Select the appropriate sized collet by comparing it with the application.

Insert the collet, expand it to fit the hole, then attach the slide hammer.

Four collet sizes: 7/16" to ½", 9/16" to 11/16", 5/8" to 1", and 1" to 1¼".

Set includes a 2½ lb. slide hammer with a T-handle.

Housed in a blow-molded plastic storage case.

No. 4581 – Blind hole bearing puller set. Wt., 7 lbs., 2 oz.

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