OTC 1182 Cone-Type Puller Set

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OTC 1182 Lock-on, Jaw-Type Puller Set

Components can be assembled to create several versatile puller versions for both internal and external pulling tasks. The puller head is turned to securely lock the jaws onto the part being removed.


  • Easily Removes Gears, Bearings, Timing Gears, Harmonic Balancers, and Other Press-Fitted Parts


  • 2-Way Puller Head
  • 3-Way Puller Head
  • Three Long-Reach Puller Jaws
  • Three Short-Reach Puller Jaws
  • Plastic Storage Box
No. 1182 – Jaw-type puller set.  Wt., 6 lbs., 10 oz. 
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