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Power Team HT75 Hydraulic Tester

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Power Team HT75 Hydraulic Tester

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  • Accurately measure oil flow, pressure and temperature on in-plant equipment, forklifts, machine tools and more.
  • Temperature and flow readings are in Metric and English, accurate to within ±2% of full scale.
  • Dual pressure gauges for high and low pressure readings; low pressure gauge is automatically shut off and protected as pressure rises beyond its maximum reading.
  • Automatic pressure compensating feature lets you increase flow without affecting pressure setting.
  • Reverse flow through tester will not cause damage; replaceable safety disc ruptures if pressure exceeds upper limit.
  • Solid state voltage regulator eliminates errors caused by voltage change during testing.


  • Max Flow | 75 gpm
  • Flow Range | 15-75 gpm high, 3-15 gpm low / 50-30 l/min high, 10-60 l/min high
  • Max Operating Pressure | 5,000 psi / 345 Bar
  • Temp Scale Range | 100-250°F / 40-120°C
  • Port Sizes | 3 /4” NPT Swivel
  • Dimensions | 13-3/4" x 11-7/8" x 5-3/4"
  • Product Weight | 18.2 lbs
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