Posi Lock PTPHS-108 12-Ton 3 Jaw Puller

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Posi Lock PTPHS-108 12-Ton 3 Jaw Puller

Posi Lock 12 Ton 3 Jaw Pullers

  • 12 tons of pulling force
  • Self-contained hydraulic pump and cylinder
  • Easy hand-pumping hydraulic action
  • Swiveling adjustable-length handle
  • T-handle clamps jaws securely
  • Forged and heat-treated jaws for superior strength
  • Patented Safety Cage prevents jaws from slipping off work surface
  • 3.3 in. (83 mm) ram stroke
  • Center Shaft diameter is 1.3"

PHS-108 Set Includes:

  • Self-contained pump/cylinder with pump handle
  • Puller assembly with standard length jaws
  • Pusher with centering tip
  • 1.9 in. (48 mm) pusher
  • 2.9 in. (74 mm) pusher x 2
Many applications for all industries.
This powerful, self-contained pulling system is ideal for pulling a wide variety of press-fit parts, including bearings, gears, bushings, wheels and pulleys.
Posi Lock sets the standard!
Because of our rigorous product testing for strength, reliability, safety, ease of use and optimum performance, Posi Lock products are preferrred by professionals around the world.
The cage is the Key.
Posi Lock hydraulic pullers feature a patented "Safety Cage" jaw retention system with high-force hydraulic power for effortless pulling of large components. The exclusive Cage design guides the jaws for fast, one-person set-up, solid contact and superior locking power. This prevents the jaws from slipping off the work surface - not only saving wear and tear on the components removed, but also increasing productivity, tool life and safety for the technician.
Posi Lock - The Pull That Meets The Challenge!
Since 1978 Posi Lock has gained a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality manual and hydraulic pullers for the automotive, agricultural and industrial markets. Posi Lock makes the safest, easiest-to-use pullers in the industry!



Jaw Type                                      Reach                     Spread                          Height

Standard Jaws (included)         8 in. (203 mm)       12.5 in. (317 mm)       24.5 in. (622 mm)

Long Jaws (optional)                 9.8 in. (249 mm)     15 in. (381 mm)          26 in. (660 mm)

Extra-Long Jaws (optional)      16 in. (406 mm)      22.5 in. (571 mm)       30.5 in. (775 mm)


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