OTC 7245 Steering Wheel Puller

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OTC 7245 Steering Wheel Puller

Steering Wheel Puller This puller removes steering wheels on most domestic and imported vehicles, with or without telescoping steering columns. Five sets of cap screws are included for various thread requirements. The forcing screw features a swivel end to protect steering shaft. Cap screws included (pairs): 3/8-16 x 3-1/2; 5/16-18 x 3-1/2; 5/16-24 x 3-1/2; M8-1.25 x 90 mm; and 5/16-18 x 4 (SIR). No. 7245 – Steering wheel puller with five pairs of cap screws. Bar measures 4" x 1" x 1".

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