OTC 6575-1 Hub Grappler Puller

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OTC 6575-1 Hub Grappler Puller

Complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle, eliminating unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press.


  • The new Hub Grappler Puller is specifically designed to apply maximum force with minimal effort from an impact gun to also minimize service time.
  • The new jaws are designed and sized to properly fit hub applications and can be quickly located on the puller bar without the use of fasteners.
  • The new 3/4" custom drive screw coupled with the special equalizer washer provides smooth operation while the proprietary heat treating extends its life 5-10 times longer than similar designs.


  • Dimensions | 17" × 7.5" × 3.75"
  • Shipping Weight | 12 lbs
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