OTC 6508 Master Disconnect Set

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OTC 6508 Master Disconnect Set

If you're working on Chrysler, Ford, or General Motors vehicles, this set will make your job easier. The tools are designed for heater hoses, transmission oil coolers, air conditioning and fuel lines. They're approved by vehicle manufacturers and will not damage the fittings being disconnected. Tool Nos. 518092, 518896, 518897, 518899, 518900, and 518901 are spring-loaded in the closed position to deflect any spray that occurs when lines are disconnected.
Comes in blow-molded case.

Contents of Set:

440384: GM hydraulic clutch line disconnect tool.
440486: GM transmission oil cooler line.
511410: Fuel line disconnect tool.
511413: Fuel line disconnect tool.
518902: Heater hose disconnect tool.
519158: Fuel line disconnect tool set.
518582: Fuel line disconnect tool.
518583: Fuel line disconnect tool.
518584: Fuel line disconnect tool.
518896: Fuel line disconnect tool. (Yellow, 3/8")
518897: A/C spring lock coupling tool. (Black, 5/8")
518898: A/C spring lock coupling tool. (Blue, 1/2")
518900: A/C spring lock coupling tool. (Red, 3/8")
518901: A/C spring lock coupling tool. (White, 3/4")
519067: Fuel line disconnect tool.
519068: Fuel line disconnect tool.
519151: Quick disconnect tool.
519152: Oil cooler line disconnect tool.
519153: Clutch coupling tool.
519154: Fuel line coupling tool.
519155: Chrysler fuel line disconnect tool.
519156: Ford heater hose disconnect tool.
519157: GM heater line quick connect separator.
519159: Oil cooler line disconnect tool.
No. 6508 -- Disconnect tool set. Wt., 4 lbs., 8 oz.

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