OTC 6495 Harmonic Balancer Holding Tool

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OTC 6495 Harmonic Balancer Holding Tool

Designed as a holding ring with three pins to fit into the openings on a harmonic balancer. Use with a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar to hold the harmonic balancer in place when turning the bolt that holds the balancer to the crankshaft. Also use to hold the balancer when removing it from the engine. Works on 1990-2010 3.3L V6 vans; 1994-2011 3.8L V6; 1993-1997 3.3L and 3.5L V6 cars; 1998-newer 2.7L, 3.2L, and 3.5L V6 cars.

Dims | 6.3 × 6 × 1.7 in

Weight | 2 lb

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