OTC 5912 Crimp Well Angled Wire Crimper

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OTC 5912 Crimp Well Angled Wire Crimper

Simplify Wire Repair in Hard-to-Reach Places The 5912 CrimpwellTM Angled Crimping Plier from OTC is an innovative tool for crimping terminal or joint connectors to common soft wire. The design makes crimping connectors easier than ever and is especially valuable where wire service is compromised by limited access.


  • Universal crimping design accommodates soft wire – solid or stranded – 10-22 AWG.
  • Cutting feature included for quicker preparation.
  • 9" (228mm) in length, with protective grips to increase leverage and secure crimp.
  • (Patent Applied For) Angled design keeps the connector, the wire, and the crimper "in-line" – improving visibility and access in hard to reach places.
  • Designed to not pierce connector insulation and also works on un-insulated connectors.
  • Service tech can use as much force as desired to ensure connection and it will not damage connector insulation.
  • Easy-to-use: Simply insert the connector into the crimping feature, slip over the connector and squeeze.
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