OTC 5077A Low Profile Waste Oil Tanker

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OTC 5077A Low Profile Transfer Tanker with Electric Pump


  • NEW: Fully enclosed electric motor
  • Handles Drained Oil Without Spilling a Drop!
  • Draining oil from a large displacement engine and getting it to your bulk storage container is a snap with OTC's Transfer Tanker on your team.
  • Used oil is collected in a reservoir, and then rolls smoothly on 4" free-wheeling casters to your storage location.
  • Pump moves five gallons a minute through the 8-foot transfer hose.
  • Handle is removable for easy storage.
  • Screen attached to reservoir allows assembly to be stored on its side.
  • Can also be used for transferring antifreeze.
  • Only 7-1/2" from floor to top of reservoir. Comes equipped with an electric pump (No. 528093), and a 15-gallon reservoir.
Product Dimensions: 
49.5 × 29.75 × 6 in
Product Weight: 
60 lb

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