OTC 4543A 6 Piece 4wd Spindle Nut Socket Set

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OTC 4543A 6 Piece 4wd Spindle Nut Socket Set

Chrome vanadium steel sockets cover most SUV and light truck applications. Sockets have ½" square drive, allowing use of a torque wrench, ratchet, or breaker bar.

Contents of Set:

No. 4543-1 – Toyota 4-lug locknut socket. Services high-torque locknuts on Toyota 4WD vehicles having free-wheel (lock out) hubs: 1995–newer Tacoma; 1996– newer T100 and 4Runner.
No. 4543-2 – Ford 4-lug locknut socket for high-shear rotating nuts on 1985–newer F-250 and F-350 truck rear axles, and Dana 80 rear axles of Ford Super Duty trucks.
No. 4543-3 – 4-lug socket for removing and installing 4-slot front axle locknuts on 1986–newer F-Series ½-ton trucks, full-size Bronco with Dana 44 axle with automatic hubs.
No. 4543-4 – 6-lug socket for removing and installing 4-slot font axle locknuts on 1978-84 Ford F-Series 4WD heavy-duty ¾- and 1-ton trucks; 1973-81 GM 4WD ¾ and 1-ton trucks.
No. 4543-5 – 4-lug socket for removing and installing 4-slot axle locknuts on 1993–newer Ford Ranger, Bronco II, and Explorer with manual hubs; 1995–newer F-Series ½-, ¾-, and 1-ton trucks and full-size Bronco with manual hubs; 1959-85 F-Series ½- and ¾-ton trucks and full-size Bronco; 1960-90 GM ½-ton trucks and full-size Blazer/Jimmy; 1969-72 International ½-ton trucks; 1969-89 Dodge ½-ton trucks with manual hubs.
No. 4543-6 – FWD front spindle puller. Removes front spindle to access needle bearing, when lubricating and aligning front wheels. 5/8"-18 fine thread permits use with OTC No. 1155 slide hammer. Fits spindle thread sizes 2"-16, 1-5/8"-16 and 38 mm- 1.5. Applications: Full-size GM, Ford, Jeep, and International pickups with Dana front axles, plus Ranger and Bronco II.
A blow-molded plastic storage case keeps set contents organized and protected from loss.

No. 4543A – 4WD spindle nut socket set (6 piece). Wt., 13 lbs.

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