OTC 4255 Hendrickson Airtek NXT Bushing Adapter Kit

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OTC 4255 Hendrickson Airtek NXT Bushing Adapter Kit

This adapter kit is used in conjunction with the 4263 Suspension Bushing Tool to remove and replace the leaf spring bushings on Hendrickson Airtek NXT front suspensions found on Freightliner Cascadia vehicles. Plate, adapters and cups make bearing removal and installation faster and easier than other methods.


  • Suspension bushing adapters are specifically designed to fit the front leaf spring and bushing
  • Plate, cup and adapters specially designed to fit Airtek NXT front suspension
  • Included adapters and cups allow bushing to be pressed out and new bushing to be pressed in
  • Adapters aid with installation to help ensure a straight, clean installation of vital suspension bushings


  • Product Dimensions | 5.5 × 17.3 × 19 in
  • Product Weight | 32 lb
  • Shipping Weight | 32 lb
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