OTC 4240A Kingpin Pusher Set | 30 Ton

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OTC 4240A 30 Ton Kingpin and Brake Anchor Pusher

The Heavy Duty Kingpin and Brake Anchor Pin Pusher utilizes its cylinder and hydraulic force to replace traditional time-consuming torch and hammer methods. It helps get the job done in minutes instead of the better part of a day. Five special collars and two pins allow this unit to work on both straight and tapered kingpins. It accommodates sizes from 7/8" to 2" in diameter and up to 11-1/4" in length. With 30 tons of force, it can push out even the most corroded kingpins. The anchor pin can be removed quickly by using the special adapter installed in the pusher's base block and the unit positioned over the brake's spider. Included are the 4121A-MA hydraulic cylinder and 4012A Two-Speed Hand Pump that make the job easy.

Product Specifications:

  • Cylinder Force Capability | 30 tons
  • Hand Pump Cubic Inches per Stroke | 0.662


  • Hydraulic Hollow Center Cylinder with 30 tons of force makes kingpin and brake anchor pin removal easy
  • Five special collars and two pins allow this product to work on both straight and tapered kingpins
  • Product design accommodates pins from 7/8" to 2" and up to 11-1/4" in length for many models of trucks and buses


  • Product Dimensions: 27.7 × 10.5 × 4.3 in
  • Product Weight: 102.5 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 107 lb
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