OTC 4203 Manifold Adapter Set

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OTC 4203 Nozzle Tester Manifold Adapter Set

This adapter set expands our No. 4200 Nozlrater to troubleshoot a wide range of diesel injector nozzles.

No. 4203 Optional Adapters:

209197 – Adapter to convert the 4203 for testing other high-pressure, pencil-type nozzles with adapters in the 4201 set.
207036 – Straight adapter for pencil-type nozzles on 3300 and 3406-B.
No. 4203 – Manifold/adapter set. Tests Caterpillar high- and low-pressure, capsule-type nozzles, and high-pressure, pencil-type nozzles on 1100 and 3200 series engines. Complete with Nos. 39870 and 206168 adapters, low-pressure gauge (up to 1,000 PSI), cap plug and mounting brackets. Wt., 6 lbs., 13 oz.

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