OTC 4021 Air/Hydraulic Pump w/ Remote Control Actuator

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OTC 4021 Air / Hydraulic Pump w/Remote Control Actuator

With shop air as the energy source, these pumps have the power and oil capacity (80 cu. in. usable oil) to drive even the large 55-ton rams. They are ideal all-around power sources for dozens of body, frame, and alignment applications. They can be used with a variety of rams, presses, and hydraulic pullers operating at up to 10,000 PSI. An internal relief valve protects the hydraulic components regardless of hydraulic pressure. In addition, a twostage release mechanism gives fast or metered ram return while reducing hydraulic shock.
In addition to all the features and performance characteristics of the 4020/4025, the 4021 is equipped with a 15 ft remote control cord.  The 4022 is equipped with a 2-gal reservoir.  These pumps require 9 cfm at 100 PSI air pressure at the pump.
No. 4021 – Air/hydraulic pump with a remote control actuator, 15 ft. cord. Develops 10,000 PSI at 100 PSI air pressure. 3/8" NPTF oil port. 105 cu. in. capacity plastic reservoir. Wt., 19 lbs., 3 oz.
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