OTC 3926 BAT 35 Vehicle Computer Memory Saver

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OTC 3926 BAT 35 Vehicle Computer Memory Saver


The BAT 35 Vehicle Memory Saver is a battery and electrical system service tool to "keep alive" vehicle electronics memory based systems such as clock, radio, seat memory, and comfort systems when performing battery replacement services. It will save you from tedious and extensive reprogramming when a new battery is installed. Designed to maintain the memory of the on-board vehicle computer to prevent losing memory settings when you disconnect a battery.

Includes 12V, 7amp hour lead acid, sealed battery for long life expectancySix LED indicator lights, three for charging functions and three for power storage conditions for ease of useBuilt-in OBD II cable for vehicle power supply while vehicle battery is disconnected


Weight: 7.70 lbs.
Case Quantity: 1
Country of Origin: China
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