OTC 3596J Oil Light Reset Tool Kit

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OTC 3596J Oil Light Reset Tool


  • Oil changes are the #1 service your shop will perform each year
  • Enhance your service with this complete electronic tool and manual kit, No. 3596H
  • This 3596H kit eliminates the need to take the vehicle to the dealer or use an OEM scan tool to reset oil service lights
  • Electronic tool set includes the adapters and interface module required to reset the oil service lights on Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Volvo
  • The included manual details Oil Light Reset tool procedures as well as the manual reset procedures for domestic and import vehicles
  • Newly designed Oil Light Reset tool has added European coverage
  • Added functionality to reset additional service lights (maintenance cycle, service interval)
  • The new Oil Light Reset tool now gives you the ability to update the tool vehicle coverage by connecting to a PC with future update kits

Kit Includes:

  • No. 3596J-1 – Main unit cable
  • No. 3596J-2 – BMW Connector
  • No. 3596J-3 – Mercedes-Benz Connector
  • No. 3596J-4 – OBD II Connector
  • No. 3596J-5 – Volvo cable
  • No. 3596J-6 – Transfer plug
  • No. 3596J-7 – VW and Audi cable
  • No. 3596J-8 – Power cable
  • No. 3596J-9 – Reset Procedure Manual
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