OTC 3505A 100 Series Autoranging Automotive Mulitmeter

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OTC 3505A 100 Series Autoranging Automotive Multimeter

The 3505A is the latest version of the Classic 100 Series Autoranging Automotive Multimeter with many new and useful troubleshooting features.
It still features all of the same basic Multimeter functions plus some new and powerful Automotive specific test functions.


Auto/Manual Ranging
Resistance, Continuity, Diode and Capacitance Tests
RPM Measurement
Temperature Measurement (°F/°C)
Millisecond Pulse width and Peak Volts measurements for Fuel Injectors
Duty Cycle and Frequency to 10M Hz
Dwell Measurement
O2 Cross counts
Relative Measurement, can be used for low resistance measurements to remove test lead resistance from measurement
Data Recording: Min/Max for fluctuating measurements
Data Hold, freeze data at the push of a button
Fused direct current measurement up to 10 amps through meter
Auto Power Off (can be disabled)
No. 3505A – Includes: 100 Series Automotive Multimeter, heavy-duty test leads with removable alligator clip ends, inductive RPM clamp, temperature probe.

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