OTC 2860PB Shop Press Protective Blanket

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OTC 28" x 60" Security Blanket

Think of them as "security blankets." They wrap around pulling, pressing, and other high-force jobs to protect you and your employees from work-related injuries as much as possible. They're made of high tensile, tear resistant ballistic nylon – similar to military flak jackets – that, when tested, withstood the shattering of a neck-down grade 8 bolt without any visible damage.

Note: Always reduce the force from the workpiece prior to removing the blanket. Protective blankets may afford protection from injuries to users and others should part breakage occur. Because of the variety of situations that require guarding, it is the user's responsibility to determine the best method of protection.

No. 2860PB – Protective blanket. 28" x 60". Wt., 7 lbs.

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