OTC 1950M Metric Truck Wheel Bearing Locknut Socket

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OTC 1950M 54 mm Locknut Socket

Metric Truck Wheel Bearing Locknut Socket, 54mm, 6-Point

These sockets have a ¾" square drive opening, permitting the use of an extension and torque wrench to tighten the locknut as required. Locknut removal and installation is simple, even when wide-rim wheels are involved, since a long extension may be attached to the socket to provide the necessary clearance. To determine the size of the locknut, measure from flat to flat.


  • Wheel bearing locknuts are easy to remove or install with these specially designed sockets
  • Made of high strength steel
  • Resists rounding out


Opening Size: 54 mm (6 Point)
NOTE: Sockets are designed for use with ¾" square-drive maual tools only. Impact tool use voids sockets' warranty.

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