Jet JT1-128 LOCK-N-LOAD Security System

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Jet JT1-128 LOCK-N-LOAD Security System

Kit includes JT1-126 Security System and 140019 PUC-3725 Resin Cart

Introducing the Perfect Pair for Enhanced Efficiency: The Complete LOAD-N-LOCK Security System with Cart. Designed to facilitate quick transportation of large, heavy items in industrial settings, the PUC-3725 Resin Utility Cart is the epitome of durability. With its heavy-duty resin construction, it resists dents, chips, and rust, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments. Built for reliability, this cart enhances efficiency and boosts production output, making it an indispensable asset. Complementing this, the LOAD-N-LOCK cart security systems redefine mobility and accessibility across various scenarios. From heavy industry service and office building maintenance to home workshops and municipal service environments, these systems deliver robust secure mobility and easy access to your cart's contents. You can now load, latch, lock, transfer, and access items with unparalleled confidence. This solution is particularly ideal where inventory control, theft prevention, stacked item retention, and safeguarding against unauthorized borrowing are daily concerns. Elevate the capabilities of your utility cart with the JET LOAD-N-LOCK system. Designed for swift setup and ease of use, this mobile worksite utility cart security system offers superior load retention, protection, and simplified access. It boasts a heavily reinforced single-piece door frame that perfectly complements its double "barn door" design for rapid access. The self-latching one-finger release handle, double-bolted steel security rods, anti-rattle bumpers, and power port knock-out provisions enhance both security and functionality. The system's heavy-gauge steel construction ensures durability, and its seamless attachment directly to the resin cart structure creates a unified and secure solution. Backed by the JET Red Assurance 2-Year Warranty, this system guarantees peace of mind.


  • Streamlined 'French Door' Opening: Swift Access Made Simple, Perfect for Tight Areas
  • Advanced Protection: Dual-Bolt Door Lock for Multi-Point Perimeter Security
  • Effortless Self-Locking: One-Finger Door Latch for Easy Operation
  • Ample Door Access: 23-3/4" x 17-1/8" Opening, Swings Comfortably Within 12 Inches
  • Efficient Fastening: Utilizing a 4-Panel Layout, Securely Connect to Resin Cart's Perimeters through Cleared Holes for Fasteners
  • Direct Attachment Boosts Cart Strength, Simplifies Installation
  • Heavy-duty 14ga steel structural components, skinned in 16ga steel panels.
  • Branded with an embossed JET® logo, with a low-gloss JET® gray powder coated finish to allow customer marking and labeling
  • Design utilizes plated fasteners to resist oxidation
  • Built-in openings in each end panel to accommodate standard socket-style power inlet ports (device not included).
  • Specifications:
  • Stock Number | JT1-128
  • Capacity | 500 lbs
  • Caster Size | 5" x 1"
  • Caster Type | 2 Fixed, 2 Swivel
  • Caster Rolling Surface | Rubberized Polymer
  • Height Between Shelves | 19-2/3"
  • Lower Shelf Height | 6"
  • Overall Height | 33-1/2"
  • Shelf Size | 37-2/5"l x 25-1/2"w x 4-1/3"h
  • Upper Shelf Height | 33-1/2"
  • Weight | 108 lbs (56 lbs security panel, 52 lbs cart)
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