Jet JT1-245 Notcher Assembly

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Jet JT1-245 Notcher Assembly

For the Jet JIW-45T 45-Ton Ironworker

The Notcher Assembly - the ultimate game-changer for your JET Ironworker! This versatile attachment is designed to remove anything from a small nibble to a large notch out of Flat Bar or Angle Iron, giving you unparalleled precision and flexibility in your metalworking projects. With the Notcher Assembly's easily interchangeable attachment, you can maximize your Ironworker's capabilities like never before. Effortlessly switch between notching tasks and take on diverse fabrication challenges with ease, saving time and effort on every project. One of the Notcher Assembly's standout features is its integrated alignment slots on the safety guarding, enabling smooth and efficient 45° shearing on Angle Iron. This ingenious design accelerates your fabrication process, ensuring you achieve flawless results in record time. Rest assured, the Notcher Assembly is meticulously crafted to be fully compatible with your JET JIW-45T Ironworker, guaranteeing a seamless fit and optimal performance. Safety is at the forefront of our design, and our Notcher Assembly complies with the rigorous ANSI B11.5-1988(02) standards for guarding, ensuring you can work confidently and securely. Experience a new level of precision, productivity, and safety with the Notcher Assembly for your JET Ironworker. Elevate your metalworking capabilities, conquer complex tasks with ease, and unlock endless possibilities in your workshop. Upgrade to the Notcher Assembly today and embark on a journey of unmatched metalworking excellence!


  • Versatile Attachment that removes anything from a small nibble to a large notch out of Flat Bar or Angle Iron
  • Easily interchangeable attachment to maximize your Ironworker's capabilities
  • Integrated alignment slots on the safety guarding easily allow for 45° shearing on Angle Iron to speed up your fabrication process
  • Compatible with JET JIW-45T Ironworker
  • ANSI B11.5-1988(02) compliant guarding for safety.


  • Weight | 55 lbs
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