Ingersoll Rand 345MAX 5in Angle Grinder

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Ingersoll-Rand 345MAX 5 in. Angle Grinder 

The 345MAX is the perfect choice for high performance material removal. This 5" air angle grinder combines a unique internal governor with a powerful 0.88 hp motor, to give you a best-in-class power to weight ratio grinder that will maximize your rate of material removal.


  • MAX Power - 0.88 hp and 12,000 rpm motor delivers the power you need to grind through the toughest jobs.
  • MAX Productivity - Internal governor maximizes speed under load, thus increasing your rate of material removal.
  • MAX Comfort - Lower weight (less than 3.5 lbs) and enhanced grip design enables extended usage without fatigue.
  • Built-in lubricating wick optimizes the life of the angle gear set by improving lubrication to the bevel and pinion gear set.
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