ESCO 10201 "Combi" Bead Breaker Kit | 2.5 Quart

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Esco 10201 "Combi" Bead Breaker Kit - 2.5 Quart Hydraulic Air Pump

The ESCO Professional Bead Breaker Series have become a staple in the tire service industry for well over 30 years. ESCO provides a wide range of bead breakers that can handle rim sizes from the smallest to the largest of application.


Esco 10101 Combi Bead Breaker


  • Works on single, two and three piece truck tires/rims, including some new style wheels
  • Breaks beads in seconds using 13.8 tons of force
  • Clamping Jaw
  • Redesigned Replaceable Pushing Foot
  • Replaceable Teeth


  • 13.8 Tons of Bead Breaking Force - 3.75" Stroke (95mm)
  • Weight | 36 lbs. (16 kg)


  • The "Combi" Bead Breaker will NOT work on five piece Earthmover giant wheel/rim. #10100 or the #10105 is required.

Esco 10590 2.5 Quart Air Hydraulic Pump


  • High density 2.5 quart polyethylene reservoir
  • Lightweight
  • Air inlet filter keeps air clean
  • 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure
  • All metal air motor

Esco 10604 Hydraulic Hose Kit

Hydraulic hose with swivel fitting, hose won’t kink. Reinforced with 2 layers of braided steel. Use with any 10,000 psi. pump, ram, or bead breaker.


  • Length | 8' (8' Hose with 3/8″ 18 Male Ends)
  • Weight | 5 lbs. (2.2 kg)

Attachments Included:

  • 10605 | Half Coupler

Esco 10601K Air Reducer with 6" Whip-Hose

The ESCO Air Reducer, for Air/Hydraulic Pumps, is designed to regulate the air pressure that is received by the hydraulic pump, that is then used to power all ESCO Hydraulic Tools.


  • Maintaining air pressure when using Hydraulic Equipment will increase the Proper Functioning of Hydraulic Equipment, Protect Air/Hydraulic Pumps from Over-Flow of Air, & Keep ESCO Hydraulic Products in their PRIME.
  • Maintain recommended working air pressure
  • Easy installation & usage
  • Model #10601K comes with Air Reducer & 6″ Whip-Hose (Model #10601H)
  • Can be used in conjunction with multiple ESCO products

10601K Specifications:

  • Diameter | 15/16″ (24mm)
  • Working Air Pressure | 110 PSI
  • Air Inlet Size | 1/4″ NPT
  • Weight | 1 lb. (0.5kg)

10601H Specifications:

  • Length | 6″ (152.4mm)


  • SALES TAX | Esco collects applicable sales tax on all orders shipped to Florida. Sales tax will not be added to your order online. Your account will be charged sales tax when the order is processed. If tax exempt in the States of Florida, please call to place order (800-837-3818).
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