ESCO 10823 Yellow Jackit Giant Tire/Earthmover Bead Breaker Kit

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Esco 10823 Yellow Jackit Giant Tire/Earthmover Bead Breaker Kit

The Yellow Jackit Bead Breaker line is a “DYI” style bead breaker that is designed for easy use in the farm and heavy duty truck service market. IN addition to our “DYI” style bead breakers, ESCO provides a wide range of bead breakers that can handle rim sizes from the smallest to the largest of application, along with our professional line of hydraulic equipment for constant use in the field.

The Yellow Jackit Giant Tire/Earthmover Bead Breaker Kit includes the following items:

Rim Applications:

  • 5 Piece Rim

10896 Features:

  • Use on 5 piece 25" to 51" with pry bar/bead loosening pockets
  • 4¼" stroke
  • 13.8 ton ram will break the toughest beads
  • Used with 10,000 psi air hydraulic pumps
  • Weight: 29 lbs (13 kg)

10877 Features:

  • For use with a variety of rams, presses, and hydraulic tools operating up to 10,000 PSI
  • Input port threads ¼" - 18 and output 3/8" - 18"
  • Has an internal load limiting device
  • Air exhaust muffler for quiet pumping of air motor
  • Equipped with air and oil inlet filters to reduce the risk of contamination


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