Champion CRH20, 20 CFM Capacity High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryer

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Champion CRH20 20 CFM Capacity High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryer

Can be used with air compressor that do not have a air cooled aftercooler and that are 20 cfm or less. Champion specializes in delivering the best compressed air quality to your working environment. Removing water, solid particulates and oil from compressed air has many benefits which all lead to increased productivity and reduced overhead costs. The CRH Series is designed to work with reciprocating air compressors through 30 horsepower, and is ideally suited for body shops, auto service centers and light industrial facilities. The space saving design integrates a refrigerated air dryer and a particle/oil removal filter all in one compact package. There is no need for an additional after-cooler because the CRH Series accepts air directly from your reciprocating compressor. This allows you to receive clean compressed air while saving floor space.


  • Reliable 50°F pressure dew point provides dry air
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers with high heat transfer coefficients allow inlet temperatures to 180°F (82°C) All models feature air-to-air and air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers
  • Integral CFF Series Grade B Separator/Filter—removes solid particles to 3 micron and oil to 5 ppm
  • Zero air-loss condensate drains with reliable pneumatic operation
  • Environmentally-friendly R407c refrigeration system maintains reliable dew point temperatures automatically Hermetic, no maintenance refrigeration compressors
  • Fan switch allows operation in low (35°F, 2°C) ambient temperatures
  • Power cord with molded plug
  • Instrumentation has convenient on/off switch for start-up and fault light for system malfunction CSA certified 115 volt models
  • Maintenance kits available for ease of service
  • Click here for more detailed information on the CRH Dryer.
  • Weight | 79 lbs

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