Zinko ZTI-31T Tire Inflator Truck Use

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Zinko ZTI-31T Tire Inflator Truck Use

Equipped to work with all standard shraeder valves. Available in multiple configurations with various hose end fittings. 3” dial gauge is easy to read and allows accurate air pressure output. Detachable hoses and fittings allow easy conversion or repair in case of damage.


  • Gauge uses a Diaphram instead of a Bourdon tube to increase accuracy even from sudden pressure loss. 
  • Shock resistant design ensures gauge stays accurate  and returns to 0 even when dropped on the ground. 
  • Fewer moving parts and no internal gears increase the useful life of the tire gauge.
  • Meets ANSI / ASME B40.100 standard.
  • CE Certified.
  • 3 Functions: Inflate / Deflate / Pressure Check.