Zinko ZPE-35RH-1M Electric Hydraulic Pump

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Zinko ZPE-35RH-1M Electric Hydraulic Pump

Electric Pump 110V, 60 in³. 1/3 HP 110V input pump with remote pendant switch, sixty cubic inch reservoir, and two way manual screw type standard valve. Ideal for general industrial electric installations, the construction industry, ship yards, automotive service shops, material handling situations, laboratories and educational institutions. Capable of up to 10,000 psi (70 Mpa) output| Powered by a 1/3 HP, 2000 rpm commutator motor.

Special Features:

  • All models come equipped with either an easy carry handle or a shoulder strap
  • Except for model ZPE-35RH-1 MB and ZPE-35RH-1 MBL which are designed with the control switch attached to pump, all models have remote pendant switches.
  • Super lightweight and compact for portability. Ideal for use with hydraulic pullers, pipe benchers, cable tools and jack
  • These pumps are fully sealed, making them ideal for outdoor use, and can operate in any position
  • Optional battery operated 12V & 24V DC models are available upon request
  • Optional solenoid and 4-way manual control valves are also available upon request