Ranger 5140126 R980AT Wheel Service Package A

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Ranger 5140126 R980AT + LS43B + Weights Package


  • (1) R980AT
  • (1) LS43B
  • (1) Tape Weight Rolls (Black & Silver 1,400 pc.)

Ranger R980AT (5140​147) Tire Changer / Swing Arm / Single-Tower Assist / 30" Capacity

The R980AT saves an impressive amount of space, making it ideal for small or cramped tire shops. Because it utilizes a swing-arm design and doesn't tilt back, it can be installed flush against a wall. An assist tower will help with stiffer sidewalls, run-flats and other low-profile tires. 30" clamping ability.

Ranger LS43B (5140151) Wheel Balancer / 3D Quick-Touch Laser-Spot / 36 mm Shaft

The Ranger LS43B laser wheel balancer optimizes wheel weight placements with exclusive Laser-Spot technology. Laser lines clearly indicate outboard and inboard weight placements for incredible balances within hundredths of an ounce. Wheels that are laser-balanced drive like new!

Ranger Tape Wheel Weights / Combo (5150230) Adhesive Steel Wheel Weights / Combo / ROLLS (1400 pcs. - 0.25 oz. - 1/2" Wide - 22 lbs.)

This combo Quick-Peel adhesive steel wheel weights are an effective and environmentally friendly way to quickly balance wheels using as little weight as possible.

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