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Power Team SPE556 55-ton Single-Acting H-Frame Floor Press

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Power Team SPE556 55-ton Single-Acting H-Frame Floor Press

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  • Full off-center pressing at full rated capacity across width of upper frame without buckling or bending.

  • Maximum “daylight” is 42” x 36”, making positioning of even bulky work pieces easy.
  • Height of press bed is easily adjusted with winch. Friction brake prevents bed from dropping and handle from spinning upon release.
  • Presses with single-acting cylinders offer choice of 2-speed hand operated, electric/hydraulic, or air/ hydraulic pump. Models with double-acting cylinders have an electric/hydraulic pump.
  • Press models equipped with remote control enable operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston travel.
  • Press can be used horizontally for special applications with user-supplied support legs.
  • Hydraulic gauge and hydraulic fittings are included with presses.


  • Capacity | 55 ton
  • Type of Cylinder | Single-Acting
  • Stroke | 6.25”
  • Cylinder ModelC556C
  • Speed21.7” / 1.5”
  • Type of Pump | Electric
  • Valve Type2-way*
  • Pump ModelPE172
  • Weight | 836 lbs

*Holds pressure with motor shut-off. Also has an automatic dump setting. Furnished with a 10’ remote motor control.

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