Posi Lock PTHE3 Hold It Magnetic Jaw

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Posi-Lock PTHE3 Magnetic Jaw gsa.png


  • Fits all vises
  • Rigid aluminum construction
  • Holds a number of shapes and sizes of objects
  • Holds sockets no matter what type of drive
  • Eliminates need for extra hands
  • Holds screws, rings, c-clips and springs for repair projects
  • Holds threaded steel objects rigid without damage to threads
  • Use as a jaw liner for non-marking materials
  • Holds 5 pounds vertically and 2 pounds horizontally
  • Makes removal of u-joint a one man operation

HOLD-ETs magnetically hold sockets for assembling and disassembling universal joints and many other jobs. Our product not only has superior magnetic locking power but also the ability to hold items such as sockets, screws, c-clips, etc., firmly in place allowing Free Hands for clamping the vise.

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