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Merrick M998074 Auto Dolly Roll Around Attachment Kit (Includes two 12" x 16" HD Auto Dolly's)

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Merrick M998074 Auto Dolly Roll Around Kit

The Roll-Around Attachment will fit a 12" or 16" Auto Dolly (Standard or Heavy Duty). Once attached, you have unimpeded access to the wheel well areas (with the tires/wheels removed) and yet can still move your vehicle in any direction. A real boon to auto restoration projects, painting and body work. (Now you don't have to disturb your masked-off doors to move the vehicle!) Also facilitates an orderly shop or garage and makes sweeping & cleaning so much easier too! The Roll-Around Attachment is just one of the new accessories that make the Auto Dolly useful in SO MANY ways in your shop or garage. You'll also want to check out the Engine Dolly Attachment, the Tire Dolly Attachment, and the Service Seat Attachment for the Auto Dolly. Also new is the Axle Workstation Attachment, which transforms an ordinary engine stand into a powerful and flexible Axle Workstation!

Includes 2 12"x16" Heavy Duty Auto Dollies and 2 Roll Around Attachments!(M998074 and M998104)

Features and Benefits:

  • Converts an Auto Dolly into a bolt-on Roll-Around.
  • Move your vehicle in any direction, with out tires/wheels on vehicle
  • Makes an excellent platform for vehicle restoration or stored vehicles
  • Facilitates unimpeded access to wheelwell areas (for detailing, painting, undercoating, etc.)
  • Facilitates shop order and easier, more complete floor cleaning.
  • Free up your jack or jack stands while adding mobility
  • Durable welded steel construction
  • 2 Roll-Around Attachments per package (Auto Dolly set included)
  • Red painted finish
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