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Fountain Industries MLF4899 25Micron Canister Filter

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Fountain Industries MLF4899 PN62245 25 Micron Canister Filter

Performance Benefits:

  • High performance pleated canister filters offer markedly higher usable flow rates with lower differential pressures and extended filter life compared to most wound filters. Higher active surface areas clean more effectively and last longer.
  • Better flow of cleaning media due to less pressure losses within the filter – 3-5 psi less differential pressure – delivers more cleaning media where it’s needed – at the part
  • More than double filtered contaminants captured per filter
  • More than double the filter life until “plugged”
  • Retrofittable to many non-OEM applications and older models (with MLF4800 –X kits – see next page)
  • More environmentally friendly – canisters are crushed to remove liquids and eliminate leaching into landfills
  • Can be used in solvent or aqueous applications
  • Spiral Seamed Centertube 
  • High Efficiency Media – micro-Glass 
  • Seamless All-Metal Canister Design 
  • Heavy-Duty Baseplate 
  • Heavy-Duty O-Ring Seal 
  • L-Lock Hem 


  • Burst – 300 psi. minimum
  • Impulse Absorption Test – 500,000 cycles with no failures (0-100 psi pulses)
  • Filtration Efficiency – 60 micron nominal (MLF4899)


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