Esco 91053 Mammut 82 Ton Jack Stand

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Esco 91053 Mammut 82 Ton Jack Stand

The Mammut 82-Ton Jack Stand is the perfect combination of new technology and safety features, designed to easily sustain loads up to 82 tons after the lifting operation is complete. This uniquely manufactured heavy-duty jack stand is created with a pneumatic lowering and raising feature, allowing for easy adjustments of the jack stand height, promoting efficiency and safety. The Mammut 82-Ton Jack requires working compressed air (58-174 psi | 4-12 bar) for lifting and lowering of the stand height to one of the five different heights available. Each Mammut Jack Stand also comes designed with preinstalled “trolley pins” to easily install the appropriate Jack Stand Moving Trolley for easy maneuvering and positioning of the jack stand. (Jack Stand Moving Trolley Sold Separately).


  • Easy pneumatic lifting and lowering features allow for safe and efficient positioning of the jack stand under a raised load.
  • Ergonomically designed load safety pin with a locking mechanism for increased safety and security of the load.
  • Removable saddle included.
  • 5 Position Jack Stand
  • 100% manufactured in Italy
  • One Year Warranty


  • Style | MXA 75-100
  • Capacity | 82 ton (75 t)
  • Net Weight | 253 lb (115 kg)
  • Working Air Pressure | 58-174 psi (4-12 bar)
  • Max. Height | 39.3" (1000 mm)
  • Min Height | 23.6" (600 mm)
  • Positions | 5
  • Application | Mine and oil field, Construction site, Industrial assembly, Agricultural, Railway applications, Military
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