ESCO 10518 1/2 Gallon Air Hydraulic Pump

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ESCO 10518 1/2 Gallon Air Hydraulic Pump

The ESCO PRO SERIES 1/2 GALLON AIR HYDRAULIC PUMP is specifically designed for automotive, light truck, and heavy-duty applications. This pump is constructed with the user in mind, as a compact lightweight air hydraulic pump solution that delivers a powerful punch; requiring only 80 PSI for 10,000 PSI of operating hydraulic pressure to power even the heaviest of cylinders, ram, bead breakers, and more. Built-in exhaust muffler promotes safer, quieter operation along with a robust foot pedal providing hand-free pumping and release of load. Manufactured with the highest of quality parts and components designed to withstand rigorous use in any environment. All ESCO air hydraulic pumps are designed with fully serviceable pump motors, allowing for economical repairs and maintenance. The aluminum reservoir is lightweight and durable for field, shop, and mobile applications.


  • For use with a variety of hydraulic rams, cylinders, presses, bead breakers, and other hydraulic equipment requiring 10,000 psi for operation.
  • Equipped with an air exhaust muffler for quiet pumping of the air motor.
  • Air and oil inlet filters for reducing the risk of damage from contamination.
  • Durable, lightweight design great for service trucks, shop environments, or out in the field.
  • Internal pressure relief valve system (load limit device) for overload protection.
  • Foot pedal design – for hands-free use of hydraulic pump.
  • Engineered with a durable lightweight and corrosive resistant plastic components – increasing the life of the air motor and hydraulic pump.
  • Designed with mountable feet for service trucks, shops, presses, or other hydraulic applications.
  • Includes installable fluid level dip stick to check that the appropriate amount of hydraulic fluid is installed.
  • Hydraulic hose sold separately.


  • Hydraulic Pressure | 10,000 PSI
  • Usable Oil Capacity | 135 cu. in.
  • Output Flow Rate (Cu. In. Per Min.) | No Load 80.5 cu. in. Load 12.8 cu. in.
  • Air Pressure Range | 40-170 PSI
  • Air Consumption | 24 scfm
  • Valve Function | Increase Hydraulic Fluid Pressure / Release Hydraulic Fluid Pressure
  • Sound Level | 85 dbBa
  • Reservoir Material | Aluminum
  • Threaded Connections Sizes | Air Inlet 1/4"-18 NPT Hydraulic Hose Inlet 3/8"-18 NPTF
  • Dimensions (Product) | 12.5"l x 5.75"w x 8"h
  • Dimensions (Packaging) | 15"l x 7"w x 8.5"h
  • Bottom Plate Screw Hole Size (4) | 3/8"
  • Bottom Plate Length (from hole center) | -11.73"
  • Bottom Plate Width (from hole center) | -4.33"
  • Weight | 22 lbs
  • Warranty | 3-Year

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