ESCO 10007 Break-Back Style Torque Wrench | 3/4"

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ESCO 10007 3/4" Break-Back Style Torque Wrench


  • Quality Made and Precision
  • Large Break Angle Improves Accuracy By Reducing The Possibility Of Over Torquing
  • Cam Control Of The Mechanism Gives A Controlled Break Which Will Not Throw The Operator Off Balance
  • Extremely High Accuracy: Consistent Torque Values +/- 4%
  • Easily Set an In nite Range of Torque Values
  • Prevents Damage: Won’t Allow Over Torquing Designed to Torque a Complete Range of Wheel Types and Sizes
  • Use on Single & Dual Wheels
  • Comes with Molded Carrying Case


  • Square Drive | 3/4″
  • Range N.M | 300-1000
  • Range FT LB | 200-750
  • Ratchet Diameter | 2-3/4″
  • Length | 57″ (1448mm)
  • Weight | 27 lbs. (12 kg)

Why Torque?

  • It's The Law -- OSHA regulations require accurate torquing of wheels
  • Helps prevents wheel off's
  • Minimize wheel damage and reduce damage not covered by warranty
  • Increases safety for employees, operators and the public at large
  • Minimize stud damage
  • Better tire wear and improved fuel mileage
  • May reduce insurance rates


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