Cyclone DWS6035 Sand Blasting Cabinet

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Cyclone DWS6035 Sand Blasting Cabinet

The DWS 6035 is one of the best large sand blasting cabinets for sale today! This is a dual workstation cabinet. It comes with two pairs of sandblasting gloves and two sandblast guns. A single foot pedal controls both guns. An easy to use valve determines which sandblast gun is active. Because of its welded 16 gauge steel and sealant, this unit won’t leak. It includes a 90 CFM sandblast dust collector which improves visibility inside the cabinet. Therefore, your visibility on your work is better. Overall, this unit is sturdy and has an easy open lid. A safety valve comes installed that shuts off air when the lid is open. The DWS 6035 comes complete with a foot pedal operated sandblast gun and ceramic nozzle.


The DWS 6035 sand blasting cabinets feature a huge interior. This model offers tremendous room for a variety of parts from small to large. An easy opening full top lid opening offers convenient and east access to the work. Powerful gas shocks make the lid easy to open and close. The side door is located on the right side and is constructed of the same steel as the cabinet. Also included with the DWS 6035 sandblast cabinet are comfortable rubber blast gloves that protect your hands. They also are long enough to easily reach around inside the sandblast cabinet without opening the lid.

Whether you call it a bead blasting cabinet, sandblasting cabinet or abrasive media blaster – we have it covered. Find out why there are so many names for these products here.

Dust Collector Included:

The DWS 6035 large sand blasting cabinets includes our powerful DC-1500 sandblast dust collector. The DC-1500 produces a powerful 90 CFM and works perfectly to keep visibility clear inside the blast cabinet. The cabinet comes with two light receptacles and on/off switch. The switch controls an additional receptacle for the included sandblast dust collector. Therefore, you control the entire cabinet with one easy on/off switch location on the cabinet. Finally, the lid interacts with an air cut off safety valve. If the lid is open, the valve cuts the air to the sandblast gun, thus reducing the risk of user injury.

Flexible Abrasive Media Choices:

This abrasive media blast cabinet can handle abrasives like white or brown aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, or blasting garnet. We supply a full catalog of abrasive media. We do not recommend steel shot and under no circumstances should you ever use sand in an abrasive cabinet. Read more here to learn about the dangers of using sand in an abrasive blasting cabinet. Sandblasting Safety

WARNING: This cabinet is constructed from steel. In accordance with proposition 65 we are complying by indicating that steel has been known to contain Nickel. Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.


  • Weight | 350 lbs
  • Cabinet-Lighting | Dual Outlet, US Standard Base, user supplied
  • Construction | 16 Gauge Welded Steel
  • Electrical Requirements | 110 US Volts
  • Gloves | 24" Unlined Rubber
  • Has Side Door | Single Side Door – Right Hand
  • Item Weight | 575 US Pounds
  • Lid Assist | Gas Lifts Installed
  • Lid Safety Valve | Lid Valve Installed
  • Lid Style | Full Top Opening
  • Nozzle Type | Tungsten Carbide
  • Overall Dimensions | 60" (h) x 65" (w) x 36" (d)
  • Sandblast Dust Collector | Includes DC-1500
  • Sandblast System Air Requirements | 25 CFM
  • Sandblast System Quantity | Dual Blast System
  • Sandblaster Operation | Foot Pedal
  • View Window | 46" x 13" Acrylic
  • View Window Protection | Mylar Protection Installed
  • Working Dimensions | 27" (h) x 60" (w) x 35" (d)


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