CPS Maxxair MSX3030 R134a/R1234yf Refrigerant Management System

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CPS Maxxair MSX3030 R134a/R1234yf Refrigerant Management System

Precision performance with increased productivity. Optimize your recovery process with a high-capacity, oilless compressor for faster and more efficient performance. Elevate your workflow, boost productivity, and experience the convenience of having everything you need right where you need it. This model is hybrid compatible.


  • Oilless Compressor for Rapid Recovery | Designed for high-capacity applications, our 2/3 hp oilless compressor not only decreases recovery time but also enables a more thorough internal flush, ensuring your systems are cleaner and more efficient.
    • Increased service life over competitor oiled compressors
    • Eliminates failure issues due to improper oil filling of traditional compressors
    • Unique design enables recovery of liquid refrigerant
  • Effortless Transport and Storage | The removable tank eliminates the need for scale locks, and each refrigerant management center includes two 30lb tanks (upgradeable to 50lb) and hose management built into the handle assembly.
  • Built to Last | Each refrigerant management center is contructed of a heavy-duty, durable welded steel frame, designed to withstand the harshest shop environments.
  • Smart Technology at Your Fingertips | Stay connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on board, as well as a 7" color touchscreen with enhanced navigation. Wireless printing is enabled for seamless record-keeping.
    • 7" Color touch screen control panel allows quick access to all functions from the main screen
    • Bluetooth/Wireless Adapters #TACI100 (Optional) that enable complete pre- and post-service health checks of the system
    • Refrigerant Management System monitors filter life and refrigerant usage
    • Fast guided refrigerant changover for the MSX3030 multi-refrigerant machines
    • Supports multiple languages/UOM
    • Includes vehicle database for oil and refrigerant charging capacities
  • 10" Foam Filled Tires | Ten inch foam-filled tires allows you to glide over shop floor obstacles eortlessly.
    • No flat, maintenance-free tires
    • Larger tire diameter for increased mobility
  • Upgrade to a 50lb Tank | Need extra capacity? No problem. Our refrigerant management centers are upgradable to a 50lb tank, giving you the flexibility to handle larger jobs with ease.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty | Our MAXXAIR 1-2-3 Warranty offers 1-year labor, 2-year parts, and 3-year compressor coverage.
  • Performance Metrics
    • • Recovery rate = Up to 1 lb/min
    • • 115v, 850 W
  • Includes | 2 CFM vacuum pump, 10’ power cord, 10’ hoses, User Manual
  • Includes a 2-Year Full Coverage Warranty

Additional Features:

  • Touch-Screen LCD Display | Experience a new level of control and precision with our intuitive touch-screen LCD display.
  • Enhanced Navigation | Easily access all functions and settings at your fingertips, making your refrigerant management tasks a breeze.
  • Analog 3.5" Gauges | Monitor pressure levels with precision and confidence, ensuring accurate results every time.
  • Storage Compartment | Efficiency starts with organization. All MaxxAir S Series includes a dedicated storage area for your tools and fittings.
  • 4" Locking Swivel Casters | Lock in place when stability is needed, and unlock for easy maneuverability – giving you complete control over your workspace.
  • 10" Foam-Filled Wheels | No need to worry about flat tires or maintenance; these durable wheels ensure smooth mobility, even over rough surfaces.


  • Part Number | MXS3030
  • Certification | SAE J3030
  • Refrigerant | R134a/R1234yf
  • UPC | 750377120312
  • Dimensions | 44"h x 23"w x 28"d
  • Weight | 233 lbs