Coats 85607787 Grip Max Plus 3-Position Adjustable Clamps

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Coats Grip Max Plus 3-Position Adjustable Clamps

NEW updated jaw profile accommodates newer rim flange profiles, NEW wider grip contact area and new material further reduce slip on polished surfaces


  • Includes 4 Clamps
  • Plastic protectors are integrated into the clamp so they will not come off.
  • Integrated protection eliminates metal to metal contact when clamping externally.
  • Updated jaw profile drastically improves ease of use when outside clamping stiff sidewall tires.
  • New Grips offer twice the slip resistance of conventional clamp covers.
  • Grips last 30% longer than conventional clamp covers.
  • Metal jaw scan be replaced without purchasing new clamp bodies.
  • Multi Position clamps allows for adjustments covering a wide range of rim sizes.
  • Fits Coats X-Series Rim-Clamp tire changers. 
  • 6”-22” External Clamping on 50X & 70X
  • 9”-30 External Clamping on APX

Great Customer Value:

A customer only has to prevent damaging 3 rims for Grip-Max Plus to fully pay off. If a customer currently replaces clamps every 3 years (at a cost of $375), clamp covers every 3 months, and the new clamps prevent

dam-age to 2 rims per year (at $200 each), over a 6 year machine life, the customer will save:

$235 in clamp and clamp cover replacement costs.
$2,400 in wheel damage.
This equates to a $2,635 value to the customer, or a $1,990 savings over the life of the tire changer!

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