BendPak HDSO14P 14,000-lb. Capacity, Four-Post Lift, Open-Front

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BendPak HDSO14P 14,000-lb. Capacity, Four-Post Lift, Open-Front

Open-Front Capability in a Powerful Car Lift

The HDSO14P is a legendary 14,000-lb. capacity open-front four-post car lift that allows easy entry and exit beneath a vehicle. It is available with optional drive-thru ramps, drip trays and rolling jacks. The HDSO14P is an open-front fourpost lift that features clear entry upfront, providing easy vehicle access. A generous 14,000-lb. lifting capacity and extended runways allow you to service a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from small cars to full-size trucks.\

Open-front design

We engineered the HDSO14P without a front cross bar, so operators can easily enter and exit from beneath the vehicle. Now the process of front-end adjustment becomes quick and trouble-free. This model is a must-have for busy alignment bays.

Patented, adjustable front outrigger tubes

For precise front-lift leveling, nothing beats our patented adjustable front outrigger tubes. The infinitely adjustable pitch compensates for excessive loads and unlevel floors.

Dependable design

Four heavy-duty, high-quality, stainless steel lifting cables and a single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath the runway make this lift the most durable, maintenance-free lifting system on the market.

Oversize dual-hub cable sheaves

Huge 10.5” diameter cable sheaves within the runway and cross tubes work with massive 2.25” diameter sheave axles to improve cable wear and critical component lifespan. Dual‐hub cable sheaves reduce stress, fatigue and wear. Naturally, this means a lot less money in service-related expenses down the road.

Multi-level locking positions

The HDSO14P is equipped with multiple adjustable height locking positions for variable-height parking. A convenient push-button pneumatic safety lock control releases all four independent safety locks simultaneously.

Heavy-duty aircraft cable

Each lift is supplied with four high-quality 1/2” diameter, 6 x 25 stainless steel lifting cables rated at 14,400 lbs. each. The combined rating of these cables is more than 411% of the maximum lifting capacity of the entire lift! This aircraft‐quality cable was specifically designed for lifting applications and provides a great balance between abrasion resistance and fatigue. And we make sure it looks tidy too—all lifting cables are fully enclosed within the lift structure itself.

Maintenance-free electric hydraulic

A maintenance‐free electric hydraulic power system assures ultimate dependability.

Grease nipples

Grease nipples are located on every sheave and sheave axle to make lubrication maintenance a breeze.

Electric / hydraulic power system

We incorporate maintenance-free electric hydraulic power systems into each lift for ultimate dependability, and all controls are conveniently located within close reach.

Large base plates

12” x 10” base plates provide a solid foundation for the HDSO14P.

Non-skid runways

This car lift gives you maximum grip, even when the runway surface is wet or oily.

Longer approach ramps

These approach ramps were designed a little longer to help when loading low ground-clearance vehicles. It’s the little bit that makes a big difference.

Integrated design

Lifting cables, airlines, safety latches and sheaves are all fully enclosed.

Integrated hydraulic flow

An integrated hydraulic flow restrictor provides a controlled descent in the unlikely event of an unexpected hose rupture.

Automatic safety locks

Aircraft-quality stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders release all four locks simultaneously with the simple push of a button. The spring-loaded safety locks automatically engage continuously as the lift is raised. For added safety, a secondary lock system acts as a slack-cable device to engage in the unlikely event of cable failure.

Optional 7,000-lb. capacity rolling jacks

The optional 7,000-lb. capacity rolling bridge jack (the R​BJ7000) lets operators perform full wheel and brake service to vehicles. They sit along the inner edges of each runway, engage the lift points and quickly lift the wheels off the ramps. These are essential tools for anyone who wants to get the most out of their four-post lift.




  • Lifting Capacity* 14,000 lbs. (6,350 kg)
  • *Max Capacity / Front Axle 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)
  • *Max Capacity / Rear Axle 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)


  • A - Min. Runway Height: 7.625" (194 mm)
  • B - Max. Rise: 70" (1,778 mm)
  • C - Max. Lifting Height: 77.625" (1,972 mm)
  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • D - Overall width (FRONT) 143” (3,632 mm)
  • E - Overall Width (REAR) 130” (3,301 mm)
  • F - Outside Length 215.5" (5,473 mm)
  • G - Overall Length 244" (6,198 mm)
  • H - Height of Columns (FRONT) 105" (2,664 mm)
  • I - Height of Columns (REAR) 103” (2,613 mm)
  • J - Width Between Columns (FRONT) 123” (3,124 mm)
  • K - Width Between Columns (REAR) 120” (3,046 mm)
  • L - Drive-Thru Clearance 97” (2,464 mm)
  • M - Runway Width 20" (508 mm)
  • N - Length of Runways 199" (5,054 mm)
  • O - Width Between Runways 45" (1,143 mm)
  • P - Runway Centerline 65" (1,651 mm)
  • Q - Outside Edge of Runways 85" (2,159 mm)

Minimum Wheelbase

  • Rated Capacity: 140" (3,556 mm)
  • 75% Capacity: 120" (3,048 mm)
  • 50% Capacity: 100" (2,540 mm)
  • 25% Capacity: 80" (2,032 mm)


  • Locking Positions: 13
  • Lock Spacing: Every 4" (102 mm)

Power Unit

  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Noise: 45 dB


  • Weight: 3,099-lbs. (1,405 kg)
  • Dimensions: 220'' x 24'' x 39'' (5,588 mm x 690 mm x 990 mm)

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately):

  • 5210438 | WSA-100 Air-Electric Workstation / Fits BendPak 2-Post & 4-Post Lifts
  • 5150509 | Rolling Oil Drain 15 Gallon Rolling Drain Pan For 4-Post Lifts
  • 5175800 | JP-3 Fixed Sliding Jack Tray / FITS NARROW RUNWAY POSITIONS ONLY
  • 5175349 | JP-6 6,000-lb. Capacity / Telescoping Sliding Jack Platform
  • 5175801 | 3,000-lb. Capacity / Telescoping Boat Trailer Tongue Platform
  • 5215306 | Compressed Air Bottle for 4-Post Lifts Safety Locks


This item ships by truck. Additional shipping charges will apply to ship to a Non-Commercial Address. (Liftgate Delivery is not an option on this product. You must provide a way to get it off of the truck.)

Note: Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 or ANSI/UL 201.

Note: An air supply (minimum: 30 psi / 3 CFM) is required for the safety-lock mechanisms to disengage. It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to provide, install and maintain the air supply.

Note: Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for a complete list or contact BendPak via

BendPak lifts are supplied with concrete fasteners that meet the criteria of the American National Standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV-(Current). Buyer is responsible for all charges relating to any special regional structural or seismic anchoring requirements specified by any other agencies or codes such as the Uniform Building Code (UBC) or International Building Code (IBC).

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